Film News: What we can learn from the new Trainspotting teaser trailer

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It’s here. The trailer that every teenage growing up since the 90s has been waiting for. The trailer for T2 has been released.

Or, not quite. The 41 second teaser trailer remains tight-lipped towards the excitement to come, but if the trailer is anything to go by, then it’s clear that Spud still looks just as much of an odd-ball as ever, with Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust for Life’ blaring in the background the film is set to have another banging soundtrack and that, most importantly, the film is to be released on 27th January 2017.

Original cast members Ewan McGregor (Mark Renton), Ewen Bremner (Spud), Jonny Lee Miller (Sick Boy) and Robert Carlyle (Begbie) all feature in the trailer, looking somewhat aged and weathered since the 1996 original. T2 (as the film is called), is based on Irvine Welsh’s sequel to his cult novel Trainspotting, entitled Porno. 

The film has high expectations, but with Danny Boyle returning to direct the film (with Trainspotting having been his directorial breakthrough) and the return of the original cast members, we can hope for a film filled with just as many drugs, just as much laughter, just as much darkness and just as many trains as the original.

So, hold tight kids, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Words by Juliette Rowsell

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