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Album Review: Greasy Elbows // David Kay

The UK’s pubs and dark rooms are among the most honest places when it comes to music. An acoustic artist spilling their life story, background and even their upbringing into a set before strangers can be an intimate, often relatable affair. David Kay has released his debut album Greasy Elbows and it creates a scenario […]Read More

The Sound of the Working Class

Those who argue that class struggles were a feature of Victorian Britain alone are too far up the social ladder to understand how the other half live. Under Conservative rule, the level of poverty is increasing. With the rising number of families part of the ‘working poor’ – an umbrella term to describe those who […]Read More

My Life in Songs: Aaron Spencer

Eton Rifles // The Jam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJRmrlkYdsQ My earliest memory of music started in the back of a car. Most journeys consisted of a cassette being played called The Sound of the Suburbs. It was a compilation album of the late 70s and early 80s. Timeless anthemic terrace bands played through the car stereo such as […]Read More