10 Things You Didn’t Know Dave Grohl Was A Part Of


Dave Grohl has come along way since he started out in music. He was part of one of the most iconic bands in the history of music through Nirvana, then went onto creating the multi-Grammy award winning alternative rock band Foo Fighters. But Grohl’s love of music has been thriving since he was a young kid, culminating in decades worth of both session material and appearances in bands that were extremely popular where they circulated. I.e. the DC Hardcore scene that Grohl was a huge part of; both as a fan and as a drummer/guitarist.

I have a special affinity to all the musicians mentioned in this feature, as if it weren’t for Grohl contributing to them – I wouldn’t have been exposed to such inspiring musicians (and now heroes of mine) at such a young age. So in light of that, here are 10 songs that you may or may not have realised that Dave Grohl was actually a part of.

 10. Queens of the Stone Age – First It Giveth

Grohl and Josh Homme have had a special kinship since the mid-90s, even as far back as Homme’s first band – Kyuss. Grohl formed a special love for the band whilst in Nirvana and living in Seattle. Naturally, Homme and Grohl formed a close friendship that would last for over twenty years, and is still as strong as ever (he recently drummed on a few tracks for Queens of the Stone Age’s record, …Like Clockwork).

It was the strange angst in the air surrounding Foo Fighters ‘One by One’ that led Grohl to drumming on the majority of the tracks on Queens of the Stone Age’s 2002 record, Songs for the Deaf (Gene Trautmann drums on ‘You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire’ and ‘Go With The Flow’).

Most people turn toward ‘No One Knows’ when relating to Grohl’s contribution to this record, but it’s the sheer power he harnesses on the track ‘First It Giveth’ that is the most astounding. The monstrous drop into the chorus helps give the album it’s famed guttural feel, and his drumming technique on this track really harkens back to his hardcore roots.



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