10 Things About Sixth Form That You Weren’t Prepared For



ucasBeing 16/17/18 may still feel like you’re fresh out of the womb but the prospect of ‘university yay or nay’ soon becomes the main focus of everyday school life. It seemed like something so far away but as sixth form hits, suddenly ‘open day’ ‘personal statement’ ‘course’ and ‘applications’ become part of your daily vocabulary. And trust me, once one teacher says ‘UCAS’ in an assembly, you will NEVER hear the end of it.

No one is saying that uni is the only option for you when you leave school, but be prepared to be asked about your future more regularly than you shower. If you’re starting sixth form/college next September, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to be thinking about it in advance and remember to explore all potential options so that you don’t run the risk of being pushed into university when really it isn’t at all for you.

You may find the idea exciting or utterly terrifying, but this is the reality.


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