10 Things About Sixth Form That You Weren’t Prepared For


6. Coursework:

courseworkNot all, but many, subjects at A Level require coursework to contribute to your overall grades. It was a thing at GCSE as well, but as everything at sixth form seems to be – it’s certainly more full on. Science subjects usually require experiments and a small exam in controlled conditions, and English is based on a question that you then construct into an essay. All forms of coursework allow for preparation time, especially in the case of English subjects where new drafts are constantly expected to be handed in. Yay.

It may seem like yet another thing to worry about, but the positive effect coursework often has on your final results is not to be disregarded. It’s often over with within the first few months, so work hard on it early and you can forget about it – it may be the solution to an unintentional lack of revising in May and June that saves your grades.


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