10 Things About Sixth Form That You Weren’t Prepared For


5. The expectation to get a job:

2014-07-29-jobsearchA Levels requiring more work equals you requiring more chilling out time (or reckless partying) with your mates. Do it guys, you deserve it. However, wherever and whatever you have planned, it’s always going to cost money and apparently asking your parents for the ‘odd tenner’ every single weekend is not something they’re usually up for. Who knew.

So, if you want to avoid paying for bus fare to town in two pence coins, a job might unfortunately be the logical solution. This is incredibly hypocritical of me to even suggest as I have absolutely no intention of doing so and would choose to spend my last £3 on a Tesco meal deal even if I had to walk home. But hey, if you can handle it on top of school then you go for it guys, you’re far more admirable than me.


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