10 Things About Sixth Form That You Weren’t Prepared For


4. ‘Free’ lessons:

16.004_800Less subjects means the introduction of what you and your friends will call ‘frees’ but what teachers will probably call ‘study periods’ – a gap in your timetable that doesn’t require your attendance to a lesson. However, depending on how strict your school or college is, chances are they’ll want you to use the time to work, even though it seems like such a perfect opportunity to sleep on top of a desk.

It’s completely up to you how you spend this time, but just don’t be the one who when asked by a teacher why they’re not doing work says that they haven’t got any. You don’t want to be the reason the whole year has a fresh influx of more homework – that’s not cool.

If there’s one essential thing to remember about frees; it’s that if you see someone quite clearly and deliberately isolating themselves with two earphones in, please do not disturb them if you want to avoid making a mortal enemy for life. That is a rule that will always need to be enforced.


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