10 Things About Sixth Form That You Weren’t Prepared For


3. Gossip:

gossip_1900288bRumours spread fast through any school in any year group, but there’s something about this stage of education that makes the spread all the more instant.

If someone had a few too many and vomited on themselves at the weekend – you’re going to know about it. If a couple are getting together or splitting up, you’ll leave your phone for five minutes and come back to three thousand group chat notifications depicting no less than a graphic novel of EXACTLY what has happened. Said group chat will also turn into an exchange of screenshots of texts from others and everyone talks like every little drama in their life is equivalent to an audience *gasp* on Jeremy Kyle.

Gossiping can be fun and a good way to converse with new people and build relationships; just don’t be a douche about it. Definitely don’t make judgements on what people say about another, and remember that 99% of what you hear is probably incorrect or fabricated no differently to a game of Chinese whispers. If it’s the juiciest thing you’ve heard all year, it’s definitely made up.


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