10 Things We Want To See In The ‘Frasier’ Revival


With the news of hit sitcom Frasier getting the revival treatment, we’ve compiled ten things that we hope will happen to the Crane brothers and their chums.

Frasier is one of the world’s finest comedies. Mixing classic farce and misconception with witty one-liners and highbrow references, it remains a unique entry into the situation comedy canon.

Rumours of a Frasier reboot have been rife for a while, but now it has been confirmed that after nearly twenty years away, Doctor Crane is once again hearing the blues a-calling.

But what can we expect to happen to our beloved characters in the present day? We’ve compiled a few predictions…

1). Frasier tries internet dating

The finale of Frasier (spoiler alert) saw our titular hero land in Chicago to reconnect with his on/off girlfriend, Charlotte. So many years have passed since, but if Frasier’s history is anything to go by, it’s unlikely that the relationship would last.

The good doctor, then, might still be on the lookout for love, and it’s not crazy to suggest he may jumpstart his romantic endeavours by plunging into the murky depths of online dating.

Back in the day, Frasier would often tempt a colleague or would endure a blind date organised by Roz. Thanks to modern technology, however, one could foresee Frasier succumbing to the delights of Hinge and Bumble.

One can only imagine Frasier trying to include references to sherry, Freud and fancy cheese in his opening Tinder speech. Or, better yet, whining to Niles about being ghosted by some rich heiress.

2). Frasier and Niles start a podcast…with disastrous results

The sibling rivalry between Frasier and Niles has inspired some of Frasier’s most hilarious moments. The book they tried to write together, the restaurant they opened, their attempt at private practice…all of which ended in disaster but provided fantastic comedy.

There’s no suggestion Frasier and Niles will still live in the same city, and with podcasts one of the world’s most popular current formats, it’s not inconceivable to suggest they may attempt to produce their own poddy.

Whether it be a regular chat on fine wine, opera reviews, interviews with upper class society members or some psychology dispenses, a Frasier and Niles podcast would no doubt conjure up plenty of cackles.

3). Bulldog goes ‘woke’

Frasier is a rich ensemble comedy, made better by the eccentric colleagues that worked with Frasier at the radio station, KACL. One such example is Bob ‘Bulldog’ Briscoe (Dan Butler), a mysoginistic blowhard who greeted potential romances with a boorish bark.

If it felt slightly out-of-place and inappropriate in the 1990s, it’s fair to say Bulldog’s bawdy antics wouldn’t fly in a post-Me Too universe.

Should Bulldog appear, perhaps he will now be a woke, gentler DJ who resonates with empathy. Or maybe he’s had several sexual harassment lawsuits. Or maybe he’s had his knackers done.

4). Marty’s funeral

A bit morbid, perhaps, but it would be a shame if the Frasier reboot didn’t touch upon Martin Crane in some way.

John Mahoney sadly passed away in 2018 after a successful career on stage and screen, but it was his performances as the gruff, blue-collar Martin Crane that made him a household name.

And with good reason – his brusque, no-frills demeanour gave the show a voice of reason and a sense of realism amid his sons’ high faluting foibles.

A great way to get the cast together in the same place would be at Marty’s funeral, as well as a chance to celebrate the old curmudgeon’s genius. It will also enable us to find out what happened to that armchair…

5). Niles goes plant-based

Niles has always been Frasier in extremis. Pompous, refined, elitist and incredibly weak, Frasier’s younger brother made his older sibling look and sound like a garage mechanic.

He was also a very finicky eater.

In a later episode of Frasier, Niles had heart surgery after years of fine foods caught up with him. Therefore, it wouldn’t be such a shock to see that Niles has given up the delights of pink meat and sea bass for plant-based living.

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