5 Instagram Accounts To Follow This Vaginismus Awareness Day

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Googling facts about vaginismus only gives you so much of an insight into what vaginismus is. You get the surface level facts and that’s about it. So, here are 5 Instagram accounts to follow this vaginismus awareness day, that you get way more than surface-level facts from.

Pain Free and Intimate

Pain Free and Intimate is run by Katrin who openly talks about her experience of healing from the cycle of pain that is caused by vaginismus. She often speaks about using yoga, meditation, and various stretches to help heal from vaginismus. Her entire Instagram is incredibly informative as well as having a very calming feel to it. She also runs a blog Katrin with Love, which she uses as a platform to offer other people with vaginismus a place to share their stories, as well as offering multiple services to help people on their vaginismus recovery journey. 


The Vaginismus Network

The Vaginismus Network is one big online community that supports and connects people with the condition. Having vaginismus can be an incredibly lonely and isolating experience so having a social media platform like The Vaginismus Network really does make you feel less alone. Hearing stories from all over the world shows you how individualistic the experience of vaginismus can be.


Pelvic Flawless 

Pelvic Flawless is an account that provides the facts but in a way that feels far more personal and conversational. This account is more than vaginismus facts, it’s incredibly in-depth research from how to communicate in relationships when you have vaginismus to how vaginismus can coexist with things like anxiety and depression. You’re constantly learning from Pelvic Flawless, whilst also being encouraged to be open and honest about vaginismus and sexuality. 


The Vaginismus Coach 

Meghan, The Vaginismus Coach, is a pelvic floor therapist as well as specialising in a range of physical healing professions; from being a licensed massage therapist to a Reiki master. Having vaginismus and finding pelvic floor therapy to massively help in her recovery journey, she now helps others heal from vaginismus using pelvic floor therapy and creates a safe space for people who have vaginismus. 


Fran Bushe

Being a comedian and a writer, Fran Bushe created the play Ad Libido, a play all about trying to find a normal sex life. Following this she has now created the Channel 4 series The Diary of My Broken Vagina, drawing on her personal experience of having vaginismus. Her account dedicated to ending stigmas around sex and talking about vaginismus and sex through her comedy work, which is true comedy gold.


Words by Emmie Cosgrove

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