5 Lo-fi Tracks That You NEED To Listen To


Lo-fi is a genre I hold a lot of respect for – these artists are literally recording and producing the music themselves, or at least the majority of it. Unfortunately, this is usually due to a low budget, and therefore means not that many people are aware of them, and/or the sound quality can suck at times. Money or popularity doesn’t always equal a ‘Lo-fi terribly self-produced try-hard indie track’ is abound though, but more that a band has rejected the norm of high tech equipment, and settled for what can produce a much more authentic and atmospheric sound.

Without further ado, here’s 5 Lo-fi songs you NEED to listen to!

5. Sometimes // Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils are the often the forgotten gems of New York City, and are no doubt overshadowed by ex-drummer Zachary Cole Smith’s new ensemble, DIIV.

However, their dreamy song ‘Sometimes’ is one that cements Beach Fossils as Lo-fi legends, at least for me. With its swirling guitar riffs, and lead singer Dustin Payseur’s monotonous and intriguing vocals, the track is almost heart wrenching in its demeanour. Just the right amount of pedal-action contributes to this Lo-fi anthem, with crooning vocals lacing perfectly over the top of near-on perfect guitar pieces.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKURBmeWOO8&w=740&h=422]


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