5 New Tracks You HAVE To Hear This Week #2


We’ve all been there – everyone’s experienced the trials and tribulations of finding something new to get your teeth – or rather, ears – stuck into. Maybe your favourite album of the year has just dropped and you’ve played it to death and want something fresh. Maybe you’ve been that busy with Uni, college, work or school that you’ve lost touch with what’s ‘in’. Well fear not, I’ve got you covered, here’s a selection of tracks you need in your musical life!

Anesthetized Lesson // GUM

GUM is the side-project of Tame Impala drummer Jay Watson. His first spin as a solo artist came in the form of last years EP Delorean Highway, and that’s now been followed up by this mesmerising new release ‘Anesthetized Lesson’ taken from his soon to be second solo EP Glamorous Damage, which is out in November.

So what’s so good about it, I hear you ask. Well, if you like your psych-rock walking on a cliff edge of trippy mind-fuzz then you’re in luck. It’s a fresh and experimentally synthy spin on Tame Impala-ish psych foundations, that’ll have you hooked in seconds. Seriously, try it.

Jay Watson’s new solo EP Glamorous Damage is out November 13th on Spinning Top.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y25fN2AMuMU&w=740&h=422]



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