5 New Tracks You HAVE To Hear This Week #3


We’ve all been there – everyone’s experienced the trials and tribulations of finding something new to get your teeth – or rather, ears – stuck into. Maybe your favourite album of the year has just dropped and you’ve played it to death and want something fresh. Maybe you’ve been that busy with Uni, college, work or school that you’ve lost touch with what’s ‘in’. Well fear not, I’ve got you covered, here’s a selection of tracks you need in your musical life!

White Light // Shura

Spanning seven-and-a-half minutes, every one of them as good as – if not better than – the last. Shura’s latest offering ‘White Light’ blends 80s synths with hypnotic pulses of the dancefloor to create a psych-pop noise sure to propel her amongst mainstream pop giants. It’s seventh heaven for expansive pop, yet breaks from the mould of previous Shura releases by venturing into psychy injected beats and almost light rock territories.

The message of embracing the social quirkiness that makes you unique is a very fitting one for a piece of music that certainly embraces its own quirky twists and turns and loves everyone of them.

Shura’s single ‘White Light’ is out now on Polydor Records. 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N8mONNW_Ik]



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