5 New Tracks You HAVE To Hear This Week #4


We’ve all been there – everyone’s experienced the trials and tribulations of finding something new to get your teeth – or rather, ears – stuck into. Maybe your favourite album of the year has just dropped and you’ve played it to death and want something fresh. Maybe you’ve been that busy with Uni, college, work or school that you’ve lost touch with what’s ‘in’. Well fear not, I’ve got you covered, here’s a selection of tracks you need in your musical life!

Never // Jennylee

Warpaint’s quirky bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg is diving head first into her debut solo project under the moniker Jennylee, with her debut LP Right On! scheduled for December. When in Warpaint, Jennylee’s vocal smatterings always offered huge potential for a ‘lead vocal’ project, in fact you’d often wonder what it’d turn out like if she ever went ahead and done it. Lead release ‘Never’ isn’t too far from what you’d expect.

Jennylee holds a special place in her heart for new wave’s dreamier, more melodic rhythms, that is clear from the get go. There’s also significant nods towards the darker, atmospheric pulsing energy of The Cure, Joy Division and the like. Being a bassist by nature, you’d expect a strong bassline and that’s what you get. Full of funk with a dirtier, grungy underbelly, vying with slick guitars, screaming L.A over and over. It all fuses together harmoniously amongst her smooth, soothing vocal and hasty drums to go down as a rhythmic delight. I didn’t think it’d be possible to be more excited about this album but here I am, more excited.

‘Never’ is available now from Jennylee’s debut album Right On! out on Rough Trade Records, December 11th, 2015.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ9Wkg7O7P4&w=740&h=422]



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