5 New Tracks You HAVE To Hear This Week


We’ve all been there – everyone’s experienced the trials and tribulations of finding something new to get your teeth – or rather, ears – stuck into. Maybe your favourite album of the year has just dropped and you’ve played it to death and want something fresh. Maybe you’ve been that busy with Uni, college, work or school that you’ve lost touch with what’s ‘in’. Well fear not, I’ve got you covered, here’s a selection of tracks you need in your musical life!

Hurt Me // Låpsley

The haunting yet glitchy electronic romance that oozes alongside sugar-coated vocals on ‘Hurt Me’, the latest offering from Merseyside’s 19 year-old sensation Låpsley, is truly a joy to behold. Continuing the frankly effortless innovation she’s shown as a songwriter and performer to date, this follow-up to 2014 hit ‘Falling Short’ really hits the spot.

Aching with melancholic charms, you’re thrust into a haunting daydream of emotionally charged, yet subtle beats and hypnotising tones with a beautifully raw undertone. Arguably her most stunningly crafted work to date, ‘Hurt Me’ takes all that was so good about her debut Understudy EP and adds a glossy new dimension that flickers around your mind, again and again.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6o5dEUmusQ&w=740&h=422]



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