5 Rock And Metal Albums You Might Have Missed In 2020


By nearly any measurement, 2020 has been a bit of a dud. But, despite the turbulent times, the rock and metal scenes are having one of their best years in recent memory thanks to a steady stream of stellar releases. So, as we approach the home stretch, it’s time to look back on the five best rock and metal albums you might have missed out on.

Brave Faces Everyone // Spanish Love Songs

Released: February 20

Although it was recorded in 2019, Brave Faces Everyone by emo/punk up-and-comers Spanish Love Songs encapsulates misery in a way that is almost prophetic of what was to come from 2020. Having been released pre-lockdown, a song like ‘Kick’ which sees frontman Dylan Slocum bellowing a line like, “You know the truth in what they say / the world’s gonna kick you either way,” has only become more and more relevant as the year has gone on.

Sadly, as is the case for many bands, the current situation has meant that any hopes of capitalising on the record’s great critical reception – including an 86/100 score on Metacritic – by touring have been scuppered. Spanish Love Songs were on tour with scene icons The Wonder Years when the world first went into lockdown, which unfortunately brought a halt to what promised to be a successful year for the promising LA group. The upside is that the quality of these songs means that they aren’t going to lose potency anytime soon, so when things get back to normal look out for these guys when they come to a city near you.


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