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‘The Human Voice’ Has Both Style and Substance: LFF Review

“I wanted you to find me looking pretty. Dead, but pretty.” From the mind of Pedro Almodóvar comes a new adaptation of Jean Cocteau’s The Human Voice, starring an impeccably dressed Tilda Swinton. Almodóvar has always excelled at delving into the psyche of a woman scorned, perhaps never so literally as in his 1988 feature, […]Read More

‘Ammonite’ is a Painstakingly Excavated Treasure: LFF Review

Some may find the sweeping chilliness of Francis Lee’s sophomore feature too bleak, but consider this critic’s cockles warmed. Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet are devastatingly brilliant in Ammonite, forming an unlikely romance between a sickly young wife and a respected paleontologist. Though most take a little warming up to their craft, Francis Lee’s directorial […]Read More

‘Nomadland’ – A Raw Rumination on Existence: LFF Review

After receiving mass critical acclaim for her second feature The Rider, writer/director Chloé Zhao looked destined for greatness. As well as helming Marvel’s highly-anticipated Eternals, her latest release, Nomadland, takes her to to the stratosphere. Adapting Jessica Bruder’s bestselling book, Nomadland is at its core, a wholly human story. It follows Fern (Frances McDormand), a […]Read More

LFF: Spotlight Conversation with Television Legend Jane Tranter

For the first Spotlight Event of the (virtual) London Film Festival 2020, TV legend Jane Tranter discussed her long and celebrated career as the producer behind many of your favourite series. As the former Controller of Drama Commissioning, and then the Head of Fiction, at the BBC, Tranter is possibly best known for being behind […]Read More

Loss and Betrayal in ‘After Love’: LFF Review

Four years after his BAFTA win for short film Three Brothers, Aleem Khan returns to the London Film Festival with his debut feature, After Love, a stunning and compassionate drama, exploring love, loss, and forgiveness. After Love wastes no time throwing you in at the deep end. In the simple, but brilliantly executed opening scene, […]Read More

‘Another Round’- A Hazy Tale of Debauchery: LFF Review

After collaborating on 2012’s sublime The Hunt, reuniting fan favourite Mads Mikkelsen and director Thomas Vinterberg is always an exciting prospect. Their latest collaboration is Another Round (Druk), a darkly comedic drama that attempts to plumb the depths of drunkenness and analyse its effects on the human psyche. The key plot of Another Round focuses […]Read More

‘The Intruder’ – an intriguing aural nightmare: LFF Review

Erica Riva plays a traumatised woman drowning in the sound of her own nightmares in this De Palma-esque thriller. The Intruder is an unnerving Argentine thriller from Natalia Meta, that sets out to explore how PTSD can manifest itself in the wake of horrific events. Erica Riva plays Inès, a fortysomething woman who relies on […]Read More

‘Supernova’ – Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci At A Celestial

Supernova is an elegant, elegiac story of two soulmates facing the cruelty of dementia, with director Harry Macqueen crafting a mature, affecting story of galactic proportions. Every star in the night sky looks the same to me—glinting uniformly in the inky darkness, unthreatening in their anonymity. Would I find the night sky less beautiful if […]Read More

Family and Identity Prevail in ‘200 Meters’: LFF Review

“We seek adventure because the situation is bad. We live in big birson… prison.” A searing tale of family and identity, Ameen Nayfeh’s border-crossing road-trip drama ‘200 Meters‘ follows Palestinian father Mustafa (Ali Suliman), a man who lives in Palestine, but works each day over the border in Israel, where his wife and children live. […]Read More

‘Kajillionaire’- Brilliant, Bizarre, Beautiful: LFF Review

Not being overly familiar with Miranda July’s work, her latest film Kajillionaire seemed an enticing place to start. Starring Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld), Richard Jenkins (The Shape of Water), Gina Rodrgiuez (Jane the Virgin) and Debra Winger (Terms of Endearment), the film is a profound tale of parenting, petty crime and pretending. Where to really […]Read More