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Is The Natural History Documentary Bubble About To Burst?

Since the release of Planet Earth II in 2016, BBC Studios have charted a course of releasing annual blue-chip (a big-budget, international production) natural history series to worldwide audiences. The BBC has labelled these releases, bar the outlying Dynasties (2018), as the ‘Planet’ series. Titans such as Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II (2017) […]Read More

Luca Guadagnino to Direct Documentary About Salvatore Ferragamo

Luca Guadagnino, director of Call Me By Your Name and upcoming coming-of-age TV series We Are Who We Are, has revealed his next project will be a documentary about the renowned Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo.  Titled Salvatore Ferragamo, Shoemaker of Dreams, the film will follow the designer as he honed his craft in Bonito, Italy at the […]Read More

Documentary Review: Don’t Go Gentle // IDLES

Don’t Go Gentle echoes Dylan Thomas’ ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’, an ardent poem encouraging the reader not to go gently into death. The adjective ‘gentle’ connotes as quiet, careful and compliant, all of which IDLES are not. Thomas’ poem accepts that death cannot be avoided, but can be confronted. IDLES take […]Read More

Documentary Review: Sold For Parts // Fontaines D.C.

Fontaines D.C. released their debut album, Dogrel, in April 2019 and received critical acclaim for their raw poetical portrayal of modern punk. This year, they released Sold For Parts, a documentary detailing the process of writing, recording and performing their highly-rated album.  Produced by Collective Films, Sold For Parts documents the vulnerability, rawness and emotional […]Read More

Documentary Film Review: Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life

There is something of an innocent quality strewn through Tomer Heymann’s latest documentary venture, which ultimately contrasts the film’s stark subject matter. Jonathan Agassi is the wunderkind of gay porn, an incredibly desirable but ultimately provocative star of adult movies who, at his height, was considered one of the greatest actors in porn. However, with […]Read More

Short Documentary Review: Complexion.

When one of our alumni, especially the esteemed former film editor Levi E. Aluede makes a creative project; we are first on hand to support their creativity. Previously Aluede directed the documentary Freedom: Black Hands, White Flags; which focused on the Black Lives Matter movement, and this time around the young filmmaker has explored what it's like to be mixed race growing up in London in the short documentary Complexion. Read More

‘The Mole Agent’ Is A Touching, Timely Tale Of Elderly

An octogenarian goes undercover in a nursing home in The Mole Agent, Chilean director Maite Alberdi’s enjoyably odd Oscar-nominated documentary. While attempting to unearth evidence of abuse, he discovers something different altogether. Within the first few seconds of The Mole Agent, a large, framed photo of Scarface villain Tony Montana is shown hanging from a […]Read More

‘Laddie: The Man Behind the Movies’ Is An Admirable Tribute:

Laddie: The Man Behind The Movies is a deeply personal love letter from director Amanda Ladd-Jones, both to movies and to her father, film industry executive and producer Alan Ladd Jr. Whilst not always inventive in its structure, Ladd-Jones’ directorial debut manages to breath new life into the ‘talking heads’ format and provide a whirlwind […]Read More

Films To Stream In The UK In April 2021

Stuck on what to stream this month? Unlike other lists, we’re on hand to recommend a variety of films for every mood: from tear-jerkers to trailblazers. Here are our picks for the best films to stream in the UK this month. The Silver Screen Classic Sudden Fear (1952) dir. David Miller You can’t help but […]Read More

‘The Simpsons’: A Case for Cancellation

The Simpsons is one of the most beloved comedies of all time. Recipient of over 34 Emmys, it has run for over thirty years, and frequently makes the ‘Best TV Ever’ lists. However most of these lists come with a clause: ‘The Simpsons, Seasons 1-12’. Indeed, many would like to see it cancelled, due to […]Read More

Uplifting ‘Well Rounded’ Slightly Misses The Mark: BFI Flare Review

Directed by Shana Myara, Well Rounded is easily one of the most colourful entries at 2021’s BFI Flare Festival. The documentary’s mission: to tell as many plus-sized people as possible that their bodies are beautiful, and that—as Kimmortal’s ‘Sad Femme Club’ repeatedly tells us—“Baby, you are enough”. Trigger Warning: this review contains mentions of r*pe. […]Read More