A Love Letter To Live Music


Twenty One Pilots // Barclaycard Arena, Hamburg, 2018 – Cindy Ta

The most liberating support group session I have ever participated in took place in an arena with 16,000 other people. Seeking out an outlet for our individual troubles and anxieties, we entered in anticipation to be surrounded by kindred spirits—our clique. Every one of us was a lost soul, yearning to break the solitude.

Two boys from Columbus, Ohio allowed us into their personal safe space, welcoming us with warmth, wisdom, and a sympathetic ear. Josh Dun’s vigorous, cathartic drumming accompanied the raw, confessional lyrics emerging from Tyler Joseph’s intricate mind to craft honest songs of anger as well as hope. Pouring all of their heart and energy onto the stage, a sense of resonance and connection moved our feet, fuelled our screams, and tended our tears while we held each other’s hands. We left with bumping hearts and our fists in the air. Afterwards the chants were still ringing in our ears, following us on the ride back, into our rooms and under the bed covers, until we closed our eyes feeling inspired, empowered and most importantly: not alone.


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