A Love Letter To Live Music


All Time Low // The Brudenell, Leeds, 2019  – Elizabeth Fagan

It’s cold. Like, the 24th February “why is it still snowing?” type of cold. We are stood outside The Brudenell in Leeds waiting to be let into what looks like a hybrid between an old community centre and a run-down pub. Weird, I know. Not your typical surroundings for an All Time Low gig; this time it’s a 400-person intimate gig and not an arena. 

Once inside, I was flashbacked to what could only be described as a wedding reception, except with more bright hair and darker clothing. It was like 2006 was screaming that it wanted its fashion back. 

News of an infectious virus had been going round, and little did we know that this would be our last drop of normality as we know it for a long time. The overwhelming sound of screams and chants that usually fill the arena are exchanged for the deafening sound of the bass and drums bouncing around this tiny venue, with everyone singing at the top of their lungs. The infamous closing song, ‘Dear Maria,’ gets everyone jumping and on each other’s shoulders, with us making friends and taking blurry pictures that will hold that memory forever. Mom, it truly never was a phase. 


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