A Love Letter To Live Music


Kojey Radical // Scala, London, 2019 – Kira Richards  

The dim lights of Scala descended on to the lifeless stage. The abrasive tension between the guys in front quickly dissipated into fizzing excitement. Potent vibrations of the bass guitar pulsated through my body like electricity, eager to identify the sound—the opener to ‘Where Do I Begin’. The slow hum. The duh-duh-duh-duh-duh rhythm. The fly-like jitters in the crowd, teetering on the precipice.

A figure emerged out of the inviting amber in utilitarian attire: signature metallic jewellery forged into a heart draped around his neck. There were moments of sincere humour, and the showman façade slipped momentarily when Radical dealt with a split in his trousers. 

I was transfixed by Radical’s presence and the character arc he constructed. Every minute he performed I longed for another. The live band played like silk, juxtaposing the intensity of his raspy vocals as he explored his latest effort, Cashmere Tears. Evidently he wanted to acquaint himself with the crowd and jump into the mosh pit. He was charged and tempting his fate.

Kojey never once felt like a stranger. More like a friend, reading their diary aloud; he narrated anthems which detailed highs, and ballads which amplified lows. His eloquence shone through and reignited my love for intimate live performance. It was clear there was a legend among us that Tuesday night in September 2019.


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