A Love Letter To Live Music


Mcfly/McBusted // Christchurch Park, Ipswich, 2004 & 2014 – Moe Noble 

Christchurch Park, July 2004. I was lifted onto my Dad’s shoulders and transported . My hair sprouted five new colours as I played the air guitar. The volume of my hometown crowded into a local park, listening to the two biggest boy bands of the time, Busted and Mcfly. The euphoria the entrance wristband gives you never dies. A ticket into the biggest, most exclusive, all-consuming adrenaline bubble. There is no feeling like it. The beating of drums vibrating, interweaving, connecting the rhythm to your soul. The ambiguous power the band has over us, the intimacy as they spoon feed you the feeling of being alive. 

Everybody has felt it; the feeling of standing in a field, your favourite band speaking directly into your veins, pumping life back into you. My musical heart was defibrillated 10-years later as I stood in that same spot again, this time watching on as the two bands merged forming ‘McBusted’. Nostalgia connecting each stranger together as sentimental chrysalis filled our lungs. As I stood shoulder-to-shoulder—this time with my mum—the lyrical butterflies emerged from fans’ mouths. I realise that for the first time in a while, I’m smiling again.


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