A24 Releases ‘Hereditary’ Screenplay Book

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Film production company A24 has released some of the best films of recent years – films so good that they can be experienced in more than one medium. Independent film fans can now buy books exploring some of A24’s films, with the latest addition being Ari Aster’s modern horror-classic Hereditary.   

This will be the fourth instalment in A24’s series of limited-edition screenplay books, the first being Alex Garland’s Ex Machina, followed by Robert Eggers’ The Witch and Barry Jenkins’ Best Picture winning Moonlight. The 240-page Hereditary edition opens with a forward by Bong Joon-Ho, the Oscar-winning director of the masterful Parasite. It also includes Aster’s original script, images from the film, an annotated shot list by Aster and an essay called ‘Love and Terror’ by novelist Leslie Jamison. The book will cost you $60, but will surely be a must-have for any die-hard Hereditary fan.

As Hereditary was Aster’s feature-length debut, it speaks volumes about his talent for writing and directing that it became A24’s highest-grossing film. The horror of Hereditary lies on an emotional, visceral level as it explores the horrors of immense grief, making for a more disturbing viewing experience than one with an over-reliance on jump scares. Toni Collette plays Annie Graham (controversially she did not receive an Oscar nomination for her formidable performance) who, along with her family, experiences disturbing supernatural repercussions as secrets surrounding her late mother begin to unfold. It also features one of the most shocking moments in recent film history, making Hereditary a film that will get beneath your skin.

With four of A24’s incredible films now available in book form, the question is which film will become number five in this book series? The recent success of Uncut Gems could be a strong contender, or perhaps Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird, or even Aster’s brilliant follow up film Midsommar.

Visit the A24 shop here.

Words by Lucy Ingram

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