Album Attack: Electric Warrior vs Hunky Dory

7. ‘Planet Queen‘ vs ‘Fill Your Heart

We get what’s on the tin from both bands here. T. Rex delivers more playful rock, while Bowie gives us a quirky, English music-hall song.  This really was a difficult pick to make, as both songs are great, but I think the charm of ‘Fill Your Heart’ just edges over ‘Planet Queen’.

Bolan 3-4 Bowie

8. ‘Girl‘ vs ‘Andy Warhol

Neither band brings their A-game here. ‘Girl’ is a soft acoustic which feels a little clumsy, and ‘Andy Warhol’ sounds like it’s being played through a filter of various drugs. However, that druggy feeling that the song has, where you don’t totally know what’s going on is probably completely intentional knowing Bowie, so the points go his way.

Bolan 3-5 Bowie

9. ‘Motivator‘ vs ‘Song for Bob Dylan

‘Motivator’ is the sound of T. Rex hitting their groove, and it sounds fantastic, as they craft another swaggering guitar strut. The strut leaves ‘Song for Bob Dylan’ in the dust behind ‘Motivator’, as it tries to work its way in front. It has no chance, and ‘Motivator’ wins this round.

Bolan 4-5 Bowie

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