Album Review: Another Night, Another Town // Shed Seven


The national Christmas wish for a live gig has been answered with Shed Seven’s live album: Another Night, Another Town. This release is like time-travelling back a year, fostering a true sense of community and wistful nostalgia through an awesome soundscape. Whilst the band’s collection of hits is enough to keep you engaged, the electric atmosphere from shouting punters is the icing on the cake. Who would have thought we’d miss the hecklers? 

Despite being the band’s fifth live album, this is the first attempt at capturing their live presence since returning as a five-piece in 2007. What makes the recording even more powerful is the naive joy you can feel emanating from the crowd: a group of people enjoying the moment with no inkling of what was to come. It feels good to listen to the careless laughs and cheers, just to lose yourself in a stressless union of hundreds of people. 

The album opens with ‘Room in My House’, a popular track from Instant Pleasures (2017) with fiery electric guitar solos, splashes of percussion, gritty vocals, and regular interjections from the effervescent gig-goers. The vibrant atmosphere continues throughout ‘Mark’, ‘Disco Down’ and ‘People Will Talk’ – amazing tunes with a passionate execution that will make any fans’ hearts skip a beat.

‘Devil In Your Shoes’ is given justice with soulful organs combined with audible cheers from the punters. The album skips from 2019 tracks such as ‘Butterfly on a Wheel’, all the way back to 1995 with ‘Where Have You Been Tonight’. In an iconic spin of events, the band even blend ‘She Left Me On Friday’ with the outro of ‘I Am The Resurrection’ performed in the home of the Stone Roses, leaving the public in what can only be described as a meltdown. 

A personal favourite from the album was before ‘On Standby’, where the frontman jokes with the crowd who have already started singing along: “What’s all that about? Totally come in too early… always coming too early!”. Rick performs the bouncy track with personality and vigour, accompanied by stylish licks of guitar from Paul Banks. Harking back to their earlier more unpolished sound, it is no wonder that the live album has been mixed by Chris Sheldon, who produced the Sheds’ 1996 album A Maximum High and 1999 single ‘Disco Down’ (whose lyrics have been raided for the Another Night, Another Town title).

“We’re delighted with the results, which we think are as close as we can get to capturing the Shed Seven live experience on record”

Rick Witter, Frontman. 

The album concludes with their most acclaimed track ‘Chasing Rainbows’, and a grateful introduction: “I hope you’ve had a great night…. Happy Christmas! Stay warm and keep safe.” The heartfelt sentiments of Rick’s concluding words are somehow more relevant this year than ever before. You can distinctly hear those 10,000 people singing along live from Leeds Arena. 

At one time, Shed Seven may have looked begrudgingly at their roster after so many years, having to play Another Night… in yet Another Town. However, it is clear from the live album’s emphasis on fan participation, they no longer take touring for granted. The album embodies the feelings of the community, pleading for just Another Night, Another Town.

The album is now available on their website in limited edition vinyl or CD, just in time for Christmas. 

Words by Harriet Fisk

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