Album Review: Before I Fall in Love Again // Nego True


Nego True returns with his sublime blend of rap and spoken word artistry on his sophomore album Before I Fall in Love Again.

On the release of his sophomore album through his official Twitter account, Nego True explained what message he hoped the album would convey. 

“I want to leave you with the lessons, blessings, and music that come from the end of an old chapter up until the start of a beautiful new one!”

This latest offering from Nego does not disappoint. He takes us all on a journey from love to heartbreak and everything experienced in between.

The album kicks off with the smooth track Feeling Like Me’. The RnB production on this track is complemented perfectly by Nego and his seamless flow. The feature by Kojey Radical is vital for this song. The three-time Mobo Awards nominee brings his alternative blend of rap which fits the production style perfectly. Hunter Rose is a subtle addition to this track. His background vocals work with the more prominent roles of Nego and Kojey Radical.

’I’ll be Fine without You’ is the stand-out track, featuring the vocals of Nia Ekanem. Nia has a distinct gravelly sound to his voice that fits the song perfectly. The pain in his voice brings to life the chorus when trying to convince the other half of a toxic relationship that he will be fine without them. Songs like these tie together the core tropes of the record.

’Dear Ms Savage’ is another high point in which Nego blends spoken word and rap beautifully to talk about various layers of a broken relationship. On this hard-hitting track, Nego is talking to a past relationship and offering some tough love:

“You were a revolving door of relationships/You’re not a savage, you’re emotionally damaged. / You weren’t in love with me/you were in love with the gap you could fill.”

These hard-hitting lyrics make ’Dear Ms Savage’ a memorable track. It tackles a seemingly toxic relationship and vividly describes Negos feelings towards an ex-girlfriend. With his delightful transparent storytelling, we understand Negos feelings and frustration about his ex-girlfriend constantly punishing herself by jumping from one relationship to another. 

’When I Propose to You’ is a beautiful piece of spoken word storytelling. Nego is talking to his future wife about how much he loves her. The stunning track highlights Negos’ delightful, transparent storytelling. His intricate wordplay takes us on a beautiful journey describing how magical love should be.

Nego Trues’s sophomore album is a beautiful mix of spoken word and rap that takes us all on a necessary therapeutic journey with him through everything experienced during love and heartbreak.

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