Album Review: Bel Espirit // CHICKN


CHICKN are a Greek rock band who formed in Athens in 2012. Over time, they’ve honed their sound, culminating in the band releasing their latest album Bel Espirit in October.

The album is full of melody and beautiful production. There are so many synth-driven hooks that stick in your head like glue. ‘Infrared Panda Club’ is an upbeat number, showing off the band’s songwriting talent.

CHICKN aren’t a one-trick pony either because there is a lot of diversity. For example, the synths on ‘She Brings Apples’ are full of reverb, bringing a cosmic atmosphere, whilst the smooth guitars and trumpet on ‘Candle Fly’ are calming and laid back. The autotuned vocals on the latter track shouldn’t work, but somehow they do. It shows that CHICKN are open to trying out new things.

Bel Espirit has something for everyone, showing that CHICKN can bring out their influences to create a well rounded album.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos


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