Album Review: Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition) // Grimes


Bringing in the New Year with brand-new take on an already original album, electropop artist Grimes has released a revised version of her 2020 album, Miss Anthropocene. The remixed album entitled Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition) offers a side to Grimes’ melancholic music that has been previously hinted at, but never before given the spotlight

In early 2020 Grimes released her fifth album Miss Anthropocene. The concept album was centred around the increasing problem of climate change and conceived a semi-human identity for the ecological issue within the titular character.

While the remixed album retains elements of its original form, Grimes’ vocals somewhat fade into the background, allowing the music to develop independently from the original and take on a conceptualised narrative of its own. And although the track list remains the same, the journey which the listener is taken on through the album is entirely separate from its original version. 

The album begins with a remix of the song, ‘So Heavy I fell Through the Earth’ by ANNA. Though Grimes’ ethereal sound remains in echo-like appearances layered over the song, the bassline takes the lead and sets up a dark, powerful energy that pervades the album.

Meanwhile, the Things You Say remix of ‘You’ll Miss me When I’m not Around’ gives a distinct allusion to the roots of the original Miss Anthropocene album by retaining Grimes’ vocal melody throughout. The remix offers an energetic and fun twist that transforms the listeners response from that of a melancholic appreciation of the original concept to a more enlivened, dance-like feel.

Finishing with a BloodPop remix of ‘We Appreciate Power’, Grimes ends the album with another energetic, bass-heavy revision which again often alludes back to its more celestial-sounding roots. This song perhaps has most in common with its original and reminds the listener of its beginning, while maintaining a significant musical development.

The new album grants us a whole new exploration of Grimes’ sound and evokes an experimental idea that aligns well with her original concept. The remixed release conjures fond memories of better times in crowded rooms and dance floors, far removed from the reality we now find ourselves in. 

The lively, energetic mood of the album truly resonates with those of us who cannot wait to leave lockdown, and this is one album I am sure to be listening to on repeat until that day finally comes.

Words by Hattie Banfield

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