Album Review: Reduxer // Alt-J


Reduxer, Alt-J’s newest album is a reinvented remixed collection of tracks from their third and award-winning album ‘Relaxer’, released back in 2017. A majorly successful British trio made up of Joe Newman, Gus Unger-Hamilton and Thom Green, the new album “is truly global, featuring rappers and producers from all over the world.”.

Remixes include the likes of Twin Shadow, Pusha T, Danny Brown and Alchemist. Not to mention another array of rappers, producers and hip-hop artists, influence on these tracks has spanned the globe.

Reduxer compiles 11 reinterpretations of Relaxer tracks including ‘In Cold Blood’ and ‘Deadcrush’. Back in June this year, ‘The Late Show’ performance of ‘In Cold Blood’ was joined by Pusha T and Twin Shadow, first hinting the possibility of a new album created with new collaborations on previous hits.

The tracks on this album are refreshingly unique, retaining the classic Alt-J vibe while introducing a newer undertone of hip-hop and rap. Reduxer is an adventurous piece of work, to reinvent an album in such an eccentric way shows true talent.

Back in the summer, the group announced their autumn tour of the UK and Ireland, which is set to be an incredible experience, one the public is very excited about.

Another class album, ‘Reduxer’ is out now.

Words by Megan Tarbuck


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