Album Review: Sticky // Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes


Two whole years after their last album End of Suffering, punk rockers Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes have finally given us another record to sink our teeth into – the epic “freedom” album Sticky. Self-proclaimed to be a gritty, rock-fuelled homage to the return of live music, Sticky is a ten-track rampage through central members Carter and Richardson’s need to be back out on the road.

Starting with the titular cut ‘Sticky’, we are hit with full force. The track is fuelled with the mosh-pit energy live shows give us – the fuel we need after a long two years of postponed fun. Fast-paced guitar riffs and hefty drum beats raise the excitement levels of the records to a maximum before it’s really even begun. 

‘Bang Bang’ is a heavy blend of spoken rock and strong instrumental layers. Whilst the track feels less creative in terms of its lyricism than other Rattlesnakes’ songs, it follows the political voice of the band, giving it a sense of purpose and certainly a shedload of intensity. ‘Go Get a Tattoo’, previously released as a single, is similar in style with a catchy chorus and an interesting feature from electro-punk newbie Lynks.

The album boasts features from a range of like-minded artists: IDLES‘ own Joe Talbot, singer Cassyette and Primal Scream‘s Bobby Gillespie. These features bring new layers to the band’s album, breaking apart the brilliance of Carter’s voice with new sounds and feelings.

The album slightly diverges its style with ‘Off With His Head’, a rock track that brings in a ‘pop-duo’ element with layered vocals and lyrics that weave instantly into your brain.

‘Cobra Queen’ offers a more melodic take on the band’s style, with stylistic references that pull us back to End of Suffering‘s emotional heartstrings, with the most promise to grab attention.

Final tracks are always an important element in Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes releases. ‘Original Sin”s bassline captures the progression of the whole album, with Carter’s lyrics summarising the album’s journey from anticipation to reality. 

The album is a stellar return to the scene for Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, and with a headline tour lined up for later this year, Carter and Richardson are back with a bang. 

Words by Katie Evans


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