Album Review: Still Learning // Caity Baser


The breakout pop star, Caity Baser, is the embodiment of Gen Z with her sassy attitude and candid lyrics. After successful performances at last year’s Reading and Leeds festival and overwhelming social media attention, Baser was nominated for the BRITs Rising Star Award 2024. Her debut mixtape, Still Learning, is filled with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and preppy instrumentals that are the perfect pick-me-up for anyone in need of a little confidence boost.

The LP starts with a rabble of hate comments that Baser has received. ‘I’m A Problem’ is Baser’s way of telling haters that she couldn’t care less about what they say: “I’m a problem / They wanna walk like me, talk shit like me and get in my jeans / I’m a problem / Call me the big daddy, cause I’m so sexy, they wanna be like me”. The chanty outro gives Baser some space to let go, as she shouts commands to her listeners that they’ll no doubt follow.

‘The Plot’ allows Baser to console her fans through the difficult times of life: “Baby, you don’t have to worry / It’s all for the story / I say do it for the plot / Because one day this will all be funny”. The poppy bassline and rhythmic claps throughout the track will have listeners bopping along to this short but sweet song. 

The 1920s jazz sound of ‘Showgirl’ shows us a different side to the pop singer. While the song is still filled with her usual cheeky lyrics, the backing track takes on a more toned-down approach. The song is led by a double bass and layers upon layers of Baser’s vocals. ‘Showgirl’ is overflowing with rich instrumentals that force its listener to take an extra moment to uncover them all. 

Longtime fans of Baser will be excited to see that a few of her older singles have made their way onto the record. The popular track ‘Pretty Boys’ is a dancefloor filler with all-too-relatable lyrics that are great to scream in the club: “Oh, not another one / Here we go again / How can someone look so pretty / But have nothing in their head?”. Similarly, ‘X&Y’ has snuck its way into the middle of the record. The song’s deep bassline and funky drum beat make ‘X&Y’ impossible to get out of your head. 

Taking its name from the Oscar award-winning film, ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ encompasses the chaotic ups and downs of an almost toxic relationship: “I wanna jump, I wanna shout / I wanna tell you that I love you, then smash up your house”. The track’s more subdued verses allow for the perfect build-up to the dramatic chorus with its heavy piano backing mixed with Baser’s powerful vocals making the song overwhelming to listen to. The harsh instrumentals match the confusion Baser is depicting in the lyrics. 

‘Oh Well’ starts with an almost 90s soundtrack energy thanks to the plucked guitar riff. The track’s lyrics epitomise the attitude that most young people have to life at the moment: “Everything’s fucked, but it’s okay / Sometimes you just have to say oh well, oh well”. Baser’s painfully pertinent lyrics have to be the standout on Still Learning

‘Choose Me’ is simply a song about self-love. The verse’s slow piano backing leads flawlessly into the almost theatrical chorus. Baser’s energy is infectious in the track’s chorus making listeners want to chant the affirmative lyrics along with her: “I’m not lookin’ for love / What you gonna give me that I don’t already got? / Till you outdo me, I choose me”.

Still Learning ends on a high note with ‘I’ll Be Here For You’, a song dedicated to her fans. Baser prides herself on being open about how chaotic life is and this provides her audience with a sense of comfort. Taking on the big sister role in the track, ‘I’ll Be Here For You’ sums up the LP perfectly. Caity Baser, like all of us, is still learning how to navigate life.

Caity Baser has proved herself as one to watch with Still Learning. Baser’s ability to connect with her audience through relatable lyrics and emotive vocals makes her extremely likeable. It is almost certain that Baser’s popularity will continue to grow as she cultivates a group of Gen Z followers who are attracted to her frank disposition. Still Learning is a mixtape filled with rage and excitement, providing listeners with a rollercoaster ride of tracks they can scream and dance to. 

Words by Amy Britton

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