Album Review: Thoughts of the Others // Skull


Leeds four piece Skull have just announced the release of their debut album Thoughts of the Others, set to be released 13th April via Shove It Up Your Cult Records. The album is a mix of narration, rock and everything else in between. Lyrically and narratively, the album experiences varying degrees of desolation, despair, paranoia and isolation. Paired with brilliant melodies and sounds, the album is a great step in the right direction and is a solid effort.

Opening with ‘Midnight Oil’, the album begins with narration from lead vocalist Jonny. Speaking slowly and calmly, Jonny comments “and so it begins” which immediately embraces the audience for what is to come and sets the albums tone and message. “Do I hide? Or see beyond this rebuke?” follows before immediately leading into the second track ‘Hide and Seek’. Heavy drums and guitar take over before Johnny’s vocals come in, creating a unique sound and the perfect blend of both vocals and sound. Tracks such as ‘Whispers’, ‘A Whole’ and ‘Yellow King’ are similar in style, creating an infectious sound that will sound incredible live.

Everything on this album is placed carefully with consideration. There are no throwaway moments. Some songs are interspersed with narration yet still flow effortlessly into each other. ‘Rumours’ and Masks’ highlight this perfect transition and showcases the bands sheer talent. What is incredible about their use of narration is that there is no clear indication of whether these narrative thoughts are those of a character invented by Jonny, or whether they are a true reflection of his own mind. As a result, the emotions are palpably real and become relatable to any listening audience.

Thoughts of the Others includes their debut single ‘RPM’ which is stuffed to the brim with guitars and rhythms. ‘Lightswitch’ their second single also appears on the album which is a highly intense track full of guitars and drums, paralleled with excellent vocals.

Overall, Skull has produced a highly energetic and emotional album. Tracing a journey, Thoughts of the Others takes the listener along for the ride and ensures that every second on the album is counted for and is useful. A tour to coincide with the album’s release will be announced shortly, allowing these tracks to be played live and bringing a whole new dimension to the album. With such a solid release, the future looks very bright for Skull.

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