Albums of 2019: Without Fear // Dermot Kennedy


Without Fear is the debut album by Irish singer-songwriter, Dermot Kennedy, which was released in October of this year. The album was met with notable success; success which is very much deserved.

The opening track ‘An Evening I Will Not Forget’ sets the mood for this raw and emotional musical journey. Dermot’s rich and soulful vocals do not need dressing up in any way, and in the beginning of the track he is accompanied simply by a grand piano, making it feel stripped back and exposed, while steadily building up to the powerful beat of the chorus and continuing to the end.

Dermot Kennedy manages to convey a fierce passion through his music. The meaningful lyrics scattered throughout each and every song make the listener feel as though they have stumbled upon something deeply personal, therefore making us feel all the more connected through the music.

‘Power Over Me’ and ‘Outnumbered’, are likely to be the most well-known tracks from the album, and these were released as singles prior to the album launch. ‘Power Over Me’ bursts through with irresistible energy, boasting those hard-hitting lyrics which are apparent in all of Dermot’s tracks. The tracks like ‘Outnumbered’ and ‘Lost’ share something which is raw and vulnerable.

Dermot’s strong and distinctive voice is both comforting and stirring at the same time, and the listener is able to get completely absorbed in the music. Dermot has a remarkable ability to tell a story through his lyrics, and as a result of this his honesty, passion and realism shine through.

Each track takes the listener on a personal and expressive journey and concludes with the album’s namesake.

Without Fear is 50 minutes of pure empowerment, and the success of the album is mirrored and reinforced by Dermot’s breathtaking live performances with faultless vocals.

Words by Sarah Turner


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