The 10 Best Box-Sets to Stream on All4

Malcolm in the Middle (7 seasons)

Malcolm in the Middle remains a bona fide lesson in how to make a sitcom work. The likes of Happy Days and Cheers focused moreso on large groups of friends as opposed to family, but there is a noticeable transition marked by the likes of Linwood Boomer’s acclaimed comedy series. This transition sees a shift more towards dysfunctional relatives and family tensions, but not without a fair share of affection. It’s a trend that exists in sitcoms to this day, and Malcolm in the Middle pulls it off better than almost any other. Frankie Muniz is the star as Malcolm, but Bryan Cranston proves one of the shows most entertaining elements as the dim-witted but loving father (who can really rock a pair of roller skates). A seriously funny show that never falls to bring a smile to your face.


Taskmaster (9 seasons)

With season 10 now on the air, all previous episodes of the ridiculous but endlessly watchable Taskmaster are available to watch. Channel 4 only acquired rights to the show in 2019, but are already aiming to make it a staple of box set viewing. Taskmaster Greg Davies, assisted by the show’s creator Alex Horne, make for an exceptional leading pair as they guide gormless celebrities through an increasingly ridiculous number of tasks. If it sounds stupid, that’s because it is – it’s also some of the funniest television you could ever hope to watch. The absurdities of British comedy are combined with inventiveness and improv to make Taskmaster the silliest – and by far the funniest – game show on television.

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