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Album Review: BROODERS

After knocking about on the scene for the last few years, 2017 is looking set to be rather fortuitous to the Leeds outfit who ply their trade in creating torrents of pumped up psyche-grunge.

2016 brought festival slots at the likes of Liverpool’s Sound City and the band oversaw the release of their ‘Hunny’ EP and this year looks set to build upon those successes. The product of all their tireless gigging and a year spent toying with various ideas has resulted in the creation of their debut, self-titled mini album BROODERS.

It’s often far too easy to wax lyrical about bands without your words actually having any substance, however BROODERS appear to have concocted songs that would certainly not appear out of place on some of the music industry’s greatest stages. ‘Say Your Prayers’ is unquestionably the highlight of the 6 track recording and if heard by the right ears is going to do the band some serious favours. Frontman Adam Bairstow is given the centre stage to showcase his vocal capacity amongst the crashing hooks that chaotically divide the softer sections of this anthemic number.

The mini LP is a journey through the band’s musical capabilities and broadcasts the full extent of their talent. ‘Thrill Killer’ turns up the tempo and sets the tone for proceedings with its explosive nature, before ‘Cling’ lulls you into an initial false sense of security before exploding with the ferocity that you’ve now come to associate BROODERS with.

The final track ‘Melancholy’ is something of an epic, with the band stripping down their walls to expose every intricate section that they are able to exhibit. The end product is a complete combustion of noise and provides a fitting end to a selection of tracks that succeed in making a statement.

BROODERS is a solid foundation for the Leeds based 3 piece and looks set to provide them with a platform from which they can now use to blossom.

The mini LP is set for release on February 10th and can be pre-ordered buy dapoxetine new zealand.

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