Apple Music – 5 A Day: Alternative


3. A Rush Of Blood // Coasts

I saw the words ‘A Rush of Blood’ and immediately thought that I would have to use one of my Spotify skips to avoid being subjected to Coldplay. Fortunately, though, Apple Music has no such limitations, and instead of Coldplay, my eardrums were greeted instead by an upbeat, poppy track from Coasts.

‘A Rush of Blood’ boasts an anthemic chorus: “Like a rush of blood to the head / You were crushing hearts until the end”; if you have plans to hurtle along winding American roads in a classic Corvette, blasting your music loud and clear any time soon, then this is definitely a track which you should include in your playlist.

Formed in Bath (pronounced: ba/r/th) whilst at University in 2011, before then moving to Bristol, the band haven’t been on the scene very long. Nonetheless, they are sure to become a household name very soon, especially if they keep on producing corkers like this one.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆



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