Apple Music – 5 A Day: Alternative


2. White Light // Waterstrider

The name of this band – Waterstrider – invites a momentary lapse in concentration, as I imagine it’s what Jesus Christ would call himself if he returned to save the earth through music. Shaking aside this vision of the son of God, and instead concentrating on the powerful falsetto vocal of Nate Salman, I am impressed that despite the multitude of things going in on this track, I am struck by a clear sense of purpose.

Lyrically, the track oozes poeticism: “Frightened wings in a dusk of dust / Fountain statues grown from lust”, but it is the assured cry that “you’ll find all the answers” which imprints itself on the listener. ‘White Light’ ranks alongside the queen that is Florence + the Machine in terms of brevity and emotional sincerity, whilst the immensity of the rhythm section invites comparison to Led Zeppelin.

Despite these comparisons, these nods to the greats of the past and present, Waterstrider’s sound is undoubtedly refreshingly unique – making it all the more bewildering that they haven’t been signed yet.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆



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