Book Review: A Small Man’s England // Tommy Sissons

The cover of A Small Man’s England features a man, hunched over, with the St George’s flag over his back. He’s desperate, lost, and isolated. He bears a symbol with great cultural weight which hascontributed to great harm – yet is part of his identity. In A Small Man’s England, Sissonssympathetically explores this figure and […]Read More

Theatre Review: Bard From The Barn // The Barn Theatre

The Barn Theatre, who are based in Chichester, have announced the second season of their digital theatre series: Bard From The Barn, which is in collaboration with Aaron Sidwell. The series reimagines William Shakespeare’s work in a modern-day setting; including Beatrice and Benedick bantering over a Zoom call, Hamlet gazing out his window while trapped […]Read More

Track Review: All My Exes // SVEA

SVEA’s latest single ‘All My Exes’ may begin with a crackle – reminiscent of radios, suggesting nostalgia and tradition – but she enters with a bang over the incredibly catchy hook of a strummed electric guitar. Boldly proclaiming that “all my exes / they all fucking hate me” over a bop of a beat is […]Read More

Theatre Review: Hamilton // Disney+

The Disney+ streamed version of Hamilton is a product of multiple eras in many respects. The breeches, dresses and bayonets belong to 1776- Alexander Hamilton arrives in New York as a “bastard, immigrant, son of a whore”. But this particular production of Hamilton also belongs to the New York of 2016; it was filmed in […]Read More