BPI 2020 Figures Show Widening Music Industry Income Gap

The BPI announced 2020’s figures for the UK’s recorded music industry this week, and it looks like good news; recorded music consumption rose by 8.2%. People trapped in their homes resembled not so much a captive audience but a willing one, desperate to continue supporting the artists they love. These figures are certainly reassuring for […]Read More

Track Review: Skin // Bored at My Grandmas House

We often think of boredom as the antithesis of creativity. But for Amber Strawbridge (aka Bored at My Grandmas House), it was the luxury of spare time that spawned both her music and moniker. An idle day rifling through vintage synths in her grandma’s attic led the now Leeds-based artist to conclude that a musical […]Read More

Album Review: Another Me // Sarah Walk

Three years have passed since Sarah Walk released debut album Little Black Book, and much has changed. Cut to the 28th August 2020, and we find the LA-based artist releasing her sophomore album Another Me (Little Indiependent). Exposing as it does an artist possessing renewed vigour, the EP’s title could easily be referring to her […]Read More