Song of the Week: Aengus’ Fool // Sleep Walking Animals

Despite how bad 2020 may have been, there’s been a consistent output of great new music. The newly-released debut single ‘Aengus’ Fool’ by folk/rock band Sleep Walking Animals is no exception to this trend. For the past year, the five-piece Manchester/London-based band have released behind-the-scenes footage from the recording process for their album in the legendary Abbey […]Read More

Album Review: A Year To Forget But A Christmas To

There is no doubt that this year has been difficult for all of us and a Christmas without our loved ones is definitely not what we need. However, Keywest are bringing a silver lining to the festive season with their new Christmas album A Year To Forget But A Christmas To Remember. Keywest is an Irish […]Read More

‘Safe Spaces’ Tries Its Best To Make The Offender The

In our post-#MeToo world, Safe Spaces does its best to create a story from the point of view of a naïve teacher defending himself from abuse accusations. But does this work? The film, which is directed and written by Daniel Schechter, focuses on Josh Cohn (Justin Long), a creative writing professor in New York City. […]Read More

Track Review: Nothing Hurts Like Love for the First Time

In the midst of a pandemic, another heart-breaking ballad might not be the first thing on our playlists. However, theres something cathartic about This Wild Life’s new single ‘Nothing Hurts Like Love for the First Time‘ that listeners this year can truly appreciate. Its lyrics capture the end of a ‘first love’ and the universal notion […]Read More

Angelina Jolie & Christoph Waltz Circling Roles in ‘Every Note

Actors Angelina Jolie and Christoph Waltz are reportedly eyeing the lead roles in the Every Note Played, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Lisa Genova. Every Note Played is a romance story about Karina (Jolie) and her ex-husband, the accomplished concert pianist Richard (Waltz), in the aftermath of their divorce. Richard […]Read More

Single Review: Love Collides // Shambolics

‘It’s alright, I’ll be there by your side’ is just one of the amazing lines in Shambolics’ new single ‘Love Collides’. Flooded with sentiments of longing, the heartbreak song will guarantee to make more people fall for the Fife-based band and their music. The Scottish indie band, Shambolics, released their new single ‘Love Collides’ on […]Read More