EP Review: Like Water // DJ Boring

Sometimes all it takes is one pivotal moment for musician to get noticed. For Tristan Harris, (aka DJ Boring) it was one particular track in 2016 that propelled him from bedroom DJ to one of the most sought-after names in electronic music right now. Said track was ‘Winona’: eight minutes of deep, elegant and affecting […]Read More

Album Review: Little Simz // Drop 6 (EP)

“This is what happens when the world stops”. In a statement on her Instagram earlier this week, Little Simz described the process of creating her latest EP, Drop 6, over the course of one month in lockdown alone in her flat. She recalls the obstacles she faced, from self-doubt to noise complaints from neighbours until […]Read More

Album Review: Cenizas // Nicolas Jaar

You’ve heard it before: musician banishes themselves to a remote corner of the world with nothing but a guitar, a synth and their ego. They emerge a year later with an album, having ‘found themselves’ and probably grown a beard. Despite the cliché, these tales of self-exile are often behind the most interesting albums, particularly […]Read More