Book Review: Postcapitalist Desire // Mark Fisher

When it comes to lecture transcripts as opposed to a book, there is a slight change in receptivity. In a formal book there is the stoic image of the author stooped over the desk detailing over his or her choice of wording and prose. The former captures the spoken voice, the everyday oratory of conversation. […]Read More

Inspirational Writer: Azar Nafisi

The Middle East has always been in a constant state of chaos. Those who live in this part of the world and choose to tell their story, are a source of inspiration to me. Within this chaos, there was a small gathering in the 90s where physical violence from the 1979 Iranian Revolution didn’t exist. […]Read More

Book Review: Chopin: Prince of the Romantics // Adam Zamoyski

British Historian Adam Zamoyski’s 2010 book Chopin: Prince of the Romantics proves to be essential in our understanding of the composer, who is still regarded as a Polish national symbol.  It wasn’t Zamoyski’s first publication of Frederic Chopin but a re-working of a 1979 edition. In this updated manuscript he attempts to uncover the myths passed down […]Read More

Book Review: Mortality // Christopher Hitchens

“I am a member of a cancer elite,” says Christopher Hitchens on 60 Minutes, curling the corner of his lips with his trademark charm, rousing his interviewer to laughter, “I’d rather look down on people with lesser cancers.”  Within this particular witticism, one among many in his entire career on the page as a writer and […]Read More

Why Should Young People Go to Classical Music Concerts?

The world will always remain busy: new technology seems to be developing at an unbelievable rate, politics – not just in our country, but in many places around the world – gets more divisive by the minute. From what I can see with the COVID-19 pandemic and the prospect of studying and graduation on top […]Read More