Gaming News: Kobe Bryant honoured on NBA 2K21 ‘Mamba Forever’

Kobe Bryant’s legacy as The Black Mamba’s continues, as 2K Games announced the former Los Angeles Lakers star will feature as the cover athlete of the third and final edition of NBA 2K21.  Celebrating ‘a lifetime achievement of basketball excellence‘, officials from 2K Games stated that Bryant would feature on two versions of the Mamba […]Read More

Track Review: Long Enough // Keep Dancing Inc.

Amid the constant pressure to create and hustle, listeners will no doubt find solace in Keep Dancing Inc’s newest track, ‘Long Enough’. Cathartic to the bone, the Parisian New Wave trio has come into their own since their formation. Sporting a musical footprint that weaves nonchalant lyrics with punchy beats, ‘Long Enough’ hits the ground […]Read More

Twitch Permanently Bans Streamers Following Sexual Abuse Claims

Twitch has permanently banned five prominent streamers after nearly a hundred allegations of sexual assault and abuse came to light.  Following a #MeToo wave on social media, hundreds of gamers – mainly women – came forward with their experiences of harassment, abuse and assault.  Taking to platforms Medium and TwitLonger, many of those stories included […]Read More