‘All In Your Head’ Breaks Your Heart And Captures The

Trigger warning: This review of All In Your Head contains reference to domestic abuse and coercive control. I’ve never liked Valentine’s day. Everything’s always too sweet and sugary- verging the edge of sickly. There are too many pink love hearts, and too many stuffed bears. I don’t trust it. It’s not real. This Valentine’s Day, […]Read More

Former Scottish Detective Pieces Together the ‘Jigsaw Murders’

Retired Lothian and Borders Deputy Police Chief Constable and crime writer assembles missing pieces of the Ruxton Case on its 85th anniversary with previously unseen documents. Dr Buck Ruxton and the Murders that Revolutionised Forensic Investigation September 1935 saw “the absolute height of Agatha Christie’s fame and the golden age of crime fiction and crime writers” […]Read More

‘White Lie’ Is A Gripping Watch That Makes No False

There is not a universe where I would consider lying about a Cancer diagnosis in order to scam family and friends out of thousands of dollars as a harmless ‘white lie’. I feel safe in the knowledge that I must be in the majority here. However, directors Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas made me face […]Read More

‘Lost At Christmas’ Takes A Few Wrong Turns, But Gets

As a passionate Scot, I thought my review of Lost At Christmas could only go one of two ways. Either I was going to embrace every cheesy, clichéd moment of ‘Scotland’s first Christmas Movie,’ shamelessly pointing at every Scottish landmark I could find. Or, I was going to be humming and hawing at every inaccuracy and overplayed […]Read More