The Indiependent’s Favourite LGBTQ+ Artists and Allies

June is Pride Month, which is a chance for the global LGBTQ+ community to peacefully protest and raise political awareness of the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, such as marriage equality, and transgender rights. As well as a month dedicated to lobbying for real, lasting change in a quest for intersectional equality, Pride is a […]Read More

Gaming: Rediscovering The Sims During Isolation

It was about one week into lockdown boredom that I found myself scouring the internet for ‘things to do inside’. I unearthed a minefield of listicles suggesting that I do something productive such as clear out my wardrobe Marie Kondo-style, or get rid of the vanilla essence that’s been hiding at the back of my […]Read More

Album Review: Floatr // Happyness

A lot has happened since Happyness released their 2017 sophomore album, Write In. The band has parted ways with founding member, Benji Compston, and drummer Ash Kenazi has adopted a drag queen alter ego after coming out as gay. Their new record, Floatr, released on 1 May via Infinit Suds, is a genre-fluid exploration of […]Read More

Crew Love: Meet the Couple Living on Their Recently Renovated

Gabby Heneghan, 26, and Calum Henderson, 28, live with two-year-old cockapoo Bilston on their recently renovated houseboat, and are currently moored in London’s Little Venice during lockdown.  Gabby is from Carlisle, Cumbria, and works as a team coordinator for the charity Save the Children’s Humanitarian Public Health team; she is currently working from her office […]Read More

Album Review: Which Way Out // The Reverse

Which Way Out, set for release on 24 April via Blang Records by North London guitar band The Reverse, is an acerbic portrait of 2020 Britain. The album opens with ‘Crush My Chest With Your Hate’, a biting social commentary on the side of the left behind. Lyrics such as “Losing your benefits / all […]Read More

Conservatives dominated Twitter at a ‘crucial’ time with ‘misleading’ account

Last Tuesday during the ITV pre-election debate between  Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, the Conservative Party renamed the official @CCHQPress Twitter account to ‘factcheckUK’. The party also temporarily replaced its profile picture with a tick logo and a header image with the logo, the text ‘factcheck UK’ and then in much smaller font ‘from CCHQ’, […]Read More

Taylor Swift’s New Album Is A Love Letter To Herself

New album Lover sees Taylor Swift shake off the bitterness of 2017’s reputation with album opener ‘I Forgot That You Existed’ proclaiming indifference to the public feuding between her and Kanye West: “It isn’t love, it isn’t hate it’s just indifference”.  Yet the fact that the next track ‘Cruel Summer’ shares a name with a […]Read More

Book Review: Conversations With Friends // Sally Rooney

I really tried to avoid the never ending stream of tweets on my timeline obsessing about Conversations With Friends.  I already fell victim to the online chatter about the profundity of Anna Burns’ 2018 Man Booker Prize winning novel, Milkman. The prose was so dense it was like trying to read treacle, and I gave […]Read More

Song of the Week: Get Bleak // Ducks Unlimited

Canadian outfit Ducks Unlimited’s jangle pop track ‘Get Bleak’ works on a fairly simplistic, repetitive melody which quickly becomes a little catchy earworm.  The premise of the song is about the idea that moving somewhere else is going to solve all your problems. Frontman Tom Mcgreevy said: “It’s something that I’ve heard expressed by a […]Read More

Throwback Thursday: In The Morning // Razorlight

Indie rockers Razorlight might have scored their No. 1 with the single ‘America’ but our favourite song is ‘In The Morning’. The guitar licks have a distinct 2006 quality to them, and it’s the saccharine pop factor to the track which makes it impossible not to sing into your hairbrush as you’re getting ready, which […]Read More

Throwback Thursday: What You Know // Two Door Cinema Club

Fans of Two Door Cinema Club will know they have recently released a new album, False Alarm. It’s a world away from ‘What You Know’, the fifth and final single from the Northern Irish band’s debut, Tourist History. It’s hard to believe that their first ever record came out in 2010!  This upbeat track has […]Read More