Jeremy Corbyn loses ‘no confidence’ vote among Labour MPs by

Following the UK’s vote to leave the EU last Thursday, Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has been called into question by members of his shadow cabinet. A leadership coup began with shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn telling Corbyn he had no confidence in his leadership. Benn was then sacked, which triggered a succession of resignations from Corbyn’s […]Read More

Album Review: Wrong Crowd // Tom Odell

Tom Odell’s sophomore album, Wrong Crowd, has finally arrived, three years after the release of his debut, A Long Way Down. The twenty-five year old singer-songwriter became a household name when he won the Critics Choice award at the Brits in 2013, but he only really cemented himself in the hearts of the nation in […]Read More

Music News: David Bowie Dies

The internet was buzzing this morning, with the terrible news that beloved icon, David Bowie, has died aged 69 following an 18-month long struggle with cancer. The shockwaves are palpable from one generation to the next, which is testament to the influence that the singer has had over the course of his long career. Tributes […]Read More

Track Review: Say The Right Thing // SAHARA

Infectious, poppy guitar hooks coupled with an upbeat backing vocal of “say the right thing / say the right thing / let me in” makes for a swimmingly immersive concoction in the form of ‘Say The Right Thing’, the latest release from London based band, SAHARA. Streaming the track exclusively on The Indiependent from today, […]Read More

The Gogglebox Phenomenon

Gogglebox has been back on our screens for a few weeks now, and with the start of the show’s sixth season, The Indiependent thought it fitting to explore what exactly it is that makes the Channel 4 show so enjoyable and interesting to watch. For those unfamiliar with the format, watching Gogglebox essentially means sitting […]Read More

My Life In Films: Beth Kirkbride

Growing up in a house with five younger siblings, four of which are boys, means that my taste in films was never really my taste in films. I grew up on a diet of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and more Star Wars. It was only in my early teens that I […]Read More

A is for Ashley Madison Users Need YOU

Anyone familiar with Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ‘A Scarlet Letter’ will be familiar with the story of Hester Prynne, a married woman who commits adultery in Puritan Boston and ends up pregnant with the pastor’s child. To recompense for her sin, she is forced by the community to wear a scarlet ‘A’ on her clothes as a […]Read More

Album Review: Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied // The Fratellis

Following on from 2013’s horrifically overlooked release, We Need Medicine, Glaswegian rockers The Fratellis are back, determined to cause more than a ripple in the sea of rock ‘n’ roll releases with their new album, Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied. The record launches into action with ‘Me and the Devil’, which, if we overlook the grammatical […]Read More

Album Review: Moth Boys // Spector

“Good things come to those who wait” is how the saying goes, but ‘good’ is an adjective which simply doesn’t do Spector’s sophomore album, Moth Boys, justice. Following on from their 2012 debut, Enjoy It While It Lasts – a record cherished by the bands small but nonetheless devoted fanbase – this release set for […]Read More

Music News: D.I.D announce UK Tour

Nottingham indie pop group Dog Is Dead disappeared off the radar following their 2012 release All Our Favourite Stories. Save for the odd time I’ve been in H&M and they’ve been played over the sound system, its like the band never existed in the first place. But now they’re back in business – and they’ve had a […]Read More

Premiere: Laughing Rafters // Officer

Melancholic and bittersweet are two words which epitomise ‘Laughing Rafters’, the listening experience brought to music fans by Officer. Taken from the forthcoming album Myriads, set for release tomorrow on the 31 st July, the video cuts between Logan singing his heart out “you’re such a little idiot / for wrecking my heart”, the London skyline and two […]Read More

Album Review: Myriads // Officer

I’m thinking of Sir John Everett Millais’ painting of Ophelia, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, as I listen to Myriads by Glaswegian singer-songwriter, Officer. I’m not sure whether it’s the album artwork, references to nature, or the serene and poetic music which has triggered the association, but unable to get the image out of my brain as I […]Read More