Album Review: Work It Out // Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose’s latest album, Work It Out, is a stellar sophomore effort from the Surrey born singer-songwriter. Taking and building on the delicate vocal prominent in her 2012 debut, Like I Used To, Rose’s vocal abilities have reached new soaring heights. The record is carefully constructed so that the tracks flow into one another seamlessly, […]Read More

EP Review: Everywhere We Sit Is VIP // The MBG

The MBG’s EP Everywhere We Sit Is VIP is an interesting concoction of sounds and influences. Proving difficult to pin the band down into a subgenre within the frame of ‘indie’, it’s this level of defiance and uniqueness that makes The MBG’s music so refreshing. It’s not singing so much as it is telling stories […]Read More

Track Review: Shock You // Spitfire

Chesterfield/Sheffield based rock band, Spitfire, have released a punch-in-the-face sonic entity in the form of ‘Shock You’. From a band that have chosen to share their name with the aircraft that formed the backbone of RAF Fighter Command during the Second World War, we expected great things from ‘Shock You’. The band does not disappoint, taking […]Read More

Track Review: Things Get Better // Joe Symes & the

‘Things Get Better’ by Joe Symes & the Loving Kind – a four piece hailing from the vibrant musical city of Liverpool – is a high quality sonic construction which you’re going to have in your head for days at a time. A kaleidoscopic melody – which wouldn’t be out of place on Noel Gallagher’s […]Read More

Single Review: My Darling Defibrillator // Officer

Standing at 5.23 minutes long, Officer’s self-proclaimed “oddly titled single” ‘My Darling Defibrillator’ is an epic saga from start to finish. The Glaswegian singer-songwriter – who also goes by the name David Logan – couples his poignant lyrics with purposeful melodies, making him the male retort to Florence Welch, of Florence + the Machine fame. […]Read More

Live Review: Fidlar // Heaven, London, 23.06.15

If you’ve ever watched a nature documentary – which you’ve probably done if your grandparents’ house is anywhere near as boring as my grandparents’ house is – then chances are you’ll have seen footage of penguins queuing up on icebergs, taking it in turns to jump into the freezing cold water. Although gay nightclub and […]Read More

Single Review: Waiting On The Sun // The Jackobins

Opening with a neat hook which wouldn’t be out of place on a Blur record, The Jackobins’ latest offering ‘Waiting On The Sun’ has a sense of urgency that makes it impossible not to groove along to. The track is tightly wound throughout, but the chorus has a particular impact on the listener – it’s […]Read More

Song of the Week (15th June): So Bunted // Happy

‘So Bunted’ by Happy Diving is a roaring track which is certain to invite impromptu head-banging wherever it is played. With the same drawling quality to frontman Matt Berry’s vocal as could be said of Mario Cuomo, of The Orwells fame, this track has the potential to see crowds go well and truly mental at […]Read More

Book By My Bedside: The House of God // Samuel

Title: The House of God Author: Samuel Shem What I Think So Far: Recommended to me by my Dad, who is a doctor, it became immediately apparent upon reading the first few pages of The House of God that my Dad’s cynicism about his patients and colleagues is not as unique to him as I once thought. A story […]Read More

Film Review: Spy

Spy, directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat), is one of the funniest films to hit the screens in recent years. When top agent, Bradley Fine (Jude Law), is assassinated by Bulgarian arms dealer, Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne), the CIA is desperate. The covers of their top agents have been blown, which leaves them with […]Read More

The Top 10 Courteeners Songs

10. The Opener // Falcon (2010) I’ve heard many Courteeners fans declare that they don’t like the ‘The Opener’ from the band’s 2010 record, Falcon. And, fair enough, upon first listen through it can seem somewhat excluding if you’re not from the band’s hometown city of Manchester: “I was meant for this place, I was […]Read More

Interview: Wyvern Lingo

Wyvern Lingo are an Irish band consisting of Karen Cowley (Vocals/Piano), Saoirse Duane (Vocals/Guitar) and Caoimhe Barry (Vocals/Percussion). You might recognise Cowley’s hauntingly beautiful voice as Hozier’s duet partner from ‘In A Week’, or seen Wyvern Lingo as they supported Hozier and the band on their UK tour. The Indiependent caught up with the girls to learn a bit […]Read More

Single Review: Thinking Back // The Time Sellers

The latest release from The Time Sellers is a wonderful track called ‘Thinking Back’. Melodically, it’s a lot more original than some of their earlier material, which serves to illustrate just how far this great Chesterfield based band has come in the last year or so. Their self-improvement is obviously the product of hard work […]Read More