Album Review: Moth Boys // Spector

“Good things come to those who wait” is how the saying goes, but ‘good’ is an adjective which simply doesn’t do Spector’s sophomore album, Moth Boys, justice. Following on from their 2012 debut, Enjoy It While It Lasts – a record cherished by the bands small but nonetheless devoted fanbase – this release set for […]Read More

Music News: D.I.D announce UK Tour

Nottingham indie pop group Dog Is Dead disappeared off the radar following their 2012 release All Our Favourite Stories. Save for the odd time I’ve been in H&M and they’ve been played over the sound system, its like the band never existed in the first place. But now they’re back in business – and they’ve had a […]Read More

Premiere: Laughing Rafters // Officer

Melancholic and bittersweet are two words which epitomise ‘Laughing Rafters’, the listening experience brought to music fans by Officer. Taken from the forthcoming album Myriads, set for release tomorrow on the 31 st July, the video cuts between Logan singing his heart out “you’re such a little idiot / for wrecking my heart”, the London skyline and two […]Read More

Album Review: Myriads // Officer

I’m thinking of Sir John Everett Millais’ painting of Ophelia, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, as I listen to Myriads by Glaswegian singer-songwriter, Officer. I’m not sure whether it’s the album artwork, references to nature, or the serene and poetic music which has triggered the association, but unable to get the image out of my brain as I […]Read More

Single Review: Lust // VYNCE

‘Lust’ by Merseyside band, VYNCE, opens with a tiptoeing melody, which is quickly stirred into frenzy by the crashing beats. Melodically this track wouldn’t be out of place on a Bombay Bicycle Club record, but when the drawling vocal kicks in there’s something of Manchester based band, Larkins, in their sound. Changes in tempo draw […]Read More

Book Review: The Woman Who Went To Bed For A

Written by Sue Townsend, the bestselling author of the Adrian Mole series, my expectations were high for The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year. Although the novel starts off extremely promising – inviting genuine guffaws of laughter at points – it rapidly goes downhill after the first twelve or so chapters. The novel […]Read More

Single Review: Give and Go // Grim Disco

Brooding Birmingham band, Grim Disco, have released post-punk track ‘Give and Go’ today, premiering the song exclusively on The Indiependent. It’s a construction which is dripping with ambience and attitude from start to finish, with the same sinister undertone which is apparent in a vast proportion of Echo & the Bunnymen’s discography. The pulsating melody, punctuated […]Read More

Throwback Thursday: Wouldn’t It Be Nice // The Beach Boys

‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ is the lead single from The Beach Boys album, Pet Sounds, and is a timeless classic which has since been used in multiple movie soundtracks – most notoriously the Adam Sandler film, 50 First Dates. The band themselves were brought back to the fore of the public’s mind just last year […]Read More

Here’s Why Alex Turner Has Trainwrecked The NME

In a desperate attempt to boost circulation, the New Musical Express – known worldwide as the NME – has announced plans to become a free sheet. What does this mean? Well, the clue is in the name: the publication will be freely distributed around stations, shops and universities around the UK, from September. This decision […]Read More

EP Review: Who Cares // Black Thistles

Devon Rockers, Black Thistles released their debut EP Who Cares back in April, and it’s a release which packs a punch from the get-go. Opening track ‘Don’t Get Ready, Get Ready’ is a lesson in self-contradiction if ever there was one. This track boasts a stop-start melody with an infectious hook, which contradicts the monotonous […]Read More

Apple Music – 5 A Day: Alternative

Apple are currently offering a 3 month free trial for their streaming platform, Apple Music. The platform allows the user to access and stream millions of songs, receive personalised recommendations and connect with artists. Following the trial, if you like the service, you will be able to continue your subscription for £9.99 a month as […]Read More

Album Review: Work It Out // Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose’s latest album, Work It Out, is a stellar sophomore effort from the Surrey born singer-songwriter. Taking and building on the delicate vocal prominent in her 2012 debut, Like I Used To, Rose’s vocal abilities have reached new soaring heights. The record is carefully constructed so that the tracks flow into one another seamlessly, […]Read More

EP Review: Everywhere We Sit Is VIP // The MBG

The MBG’s EP Everywhere We Sit Is VIP is an interesting concoction of sounds and influences. Proving difficult to pin the band down into a subgenre within the frame of ‘indie’, it’s this level of defiance and uniqueness that makes The MBG’s music so refreshing. It’s not singing so much as it is telling stories […]Read More

Track Review: Shock You // Spitfire

Chesterfield/Sheffield based rock band, Spitfire, have released a punch-in-the-face sonic entity in the form of ‘Shock You’. From a band that have chosen to share their name with the aircraft that formed the backbone of RAF Fighter Command during the Second World War, we expected great things from ‘Shock You’. The band does not disappoint, taking […]Read More

Track Review: Things Get Better // Joe Symes & the

‘Things Get Better’ by Joe Symes & the Loving Kind – a four piece hailing from the vibrant musical city of Liverpool – is a high quality sonic construction which you’re going to have in your head for days at a time. A kaleidoscopic melody – which wouldn’t be out of place on Noel Gallagher’s […]Read More