Single Review: See In The Dark // Catalysts

It’s 2005 and Bloc Party have just burst onto the charts with their explosive debut, Silent Alarm. With a refreshing staccato-esque lyric layered over a series of urgent melodies, the album was deservingly heralded Album of the Year by NME. Fast forward ten years to 2015, and Sheffield four piece, Catalysts have just released their […]Read More

Single Review: Breathe // Knaves

Sheffield foursome, Knaves, have graced our ears with another stellar aural construction in the form of their debut single ‘Breathe’. Having already received airplay from BBC Introducing here in the Steel City, it’s clear that this band is making consistent progress as they hone their feel-good indie pop sound. ‘Breathe’ is an infectious little number, […]Read More

Why you should vote… Liberal Democrat

Nick Clegg is an excellent politician. Not only that, but he’s also a pretty decent human being. Five years ago he made the honourable decision to form a coalition government with the Conservative party, and in so doing put aside party politics and did what he thought was best for the country. Although many people […]Read More

Song of the Week (27th April): Gone In A Second

Leeds four-piece Marsicans are a band that you ought to be excited about. If you haven’t heard of them already, then we’d have to ask whether you’ve been living in a cardboard box, as in recent years they have supported Howler, CATB and The Pigeon Detectives. Their distinctive sound is reminiscent of Little Comets or […]Read More

Live Review: Luna Kicks + Knaves // Plug, Sheffield, 24.04.15

Luna Kicks’ bassist Matt Webster acknowledges the absurdity of being at a gig when it’s still light outside. “What time is it, five o’clock?” he asks, nonetheless thanking those in attendance this evening at Plug. Although it’s not the greatest turnout in the world for a Friday night, the songs that the band works through […]Read More

Single Review: Room With A View // Olivia Frances

Every now and again an artist comes along who makes you resent your own lack of musical ability. That’s exactly the case when you listen to Olivia Frances’ single ‘Room With A View’. Her narrative is both charming and relatable, talking about a couple discussing where you would go, if you could go anywhere. As […]Read More

Introducing: Kashmir

Name: Kashmir Hometown: Durham Download: ‘Mellow’ ‘Dirty Girl’ and ‘Sixteen’ If you’re a fan of slick, tight indie anthems then Durham rockers Kashmir are a band for you. Formed in a musical era that has become synonymous with leather jackets and hair gel, parallels to Arctic Monkeys are impossible to avoid, especially in the sinister […]Read More

Introducing: Pleasure House

Introducing: Pleasure House Hometown: Birmingham Download: ‘Blow My Mind’ ‘Sunrise’ Pleasure House are evidently masters of upbeat production and pertinent lyrical narrative constructions. Their debut single ‘Blow My Mind’ boasts catchiness akin to fellow B-Town band, Peace, whilst frontman Alex Heffernan’s confident vocal oozes originality. The way he trips and spits out the lyrics “I […]Read More

Introducing: The Brookes

Introducing: The Brookes Hometown: Grimsby Listen To: ‘Lucy’ and ‘Shape of You’ The Brookes’ latest aural construction ‘Lucy’ is mega. Like, we can’t quite do this punch in the face single justice with words alone, you just need to whack play and then you’ll see exactly what we mean. With the manic melody created by […]Read More

Single Review: Give Me A Try // The Wombats

The Wombats latest release ‘Give Me A Try’ is an anthem for a digital age. It’s got the feel-good factor and a catchy chorus one has come to expect from the Scouse trio. The track is built on synths and combines with single ‘Greek Tragedy’ and track ‘Emoticons’ as a sure fire sign that the […]Read More

Live Review: The SSS // Leadmill, Sheffield, 14.03.15

It’s been one hell of a week for Sheffield’s indie rock outfit, The SSS. Not only did the band win Exposed Magazine’s award for ‘Best Local Band’, but Josh Coddington and co played a sold out show at the Leadmill on Saturday night. And what a great show it was. With support from the Time […]Read More

EP Review: Fake Tan and Desperation // Kong

Kong’s EP Fake Tan and Desperation is a cracker from start to finish. The name of the EP alone screams “Arctic Monkeys”. Much like the early material from NME’s favourite band, Sansom’s aggressive beat and Dawson’s unrelenting hooks in the title track carefully combine to epitomise the bravado of drunken lads out on the town […]Read More

Single Review: Super God // Parka

Parka’s latest release ‘Super God’ is somewhat more lo-fi than their previous releases, the infectiously catchy and anthemic tracks ‘Big Ego’ and ‘Woahh’. There’s more of a balance in terms of Lowry’s wrought vocal “tell me I’m a super god / just let me off” and his bandmates’ slick melody construction. The lyrics smoothly delivered […]Read More

Album Review: Move A Mountain // Breaking Waves

‘Start At The End’ opens with a cacophony of seemingly random noises before fading into a more enjoyably fast-paced aural entity. The relatively simple lyrical constructions, such as “it’s coming back around / it’s coming back around again”, allow for full appreciation of the meaty riffs which hold this song together. It’s a confident and […]Read More