Interview: The Fontaines

Sitting down with The Fontaines in the upstairs room of Sheffield’s esteemed indie venue, the Leadmill, I’m not quite sure I’m adequately prepared for the ensuing chaos. Trying to get answers to my questions – serious answers, anyway – is a somewhat challenging task. None of the band seem able to sit still, with bassist […]Read More

Single Review: Champagne Eyes // Conor Houston

Have you ever been out and about in your city centre and seen a person who looks like they’ve walked right out of a different era? Perhaps you have a hippie friend who meanders about like they’re in the 60s. It’s in this manner, Sheffield’s Conor Houston epitomises the glam rock movement of the 1970s. […]Read More

TV: From Broadchurch to Boredchurch

WARNING: This article contains spoilers [youtube] The first season of Bafta-winning crime drama Broadchurch was one of the best series TV has seen in recent years. It’s unsurprising that expectations for the second season were high. Unfortunately though, they were not met as the series concluded last night. The second series has followed the […]Read More

Live Review: Savage Nomads & October Drift // The Rocking

The Rocking Chair is one of Sheffield’s most intimate live music venues. Perfect for bands with a small but devoted fanbase, perhaps working on honing their live performance before attempting to draw larger crowds, the venue is pragmatically described as “cosy” but put not quite so politely as being “a little bit cramped”. Hardly surprising […]Read More

All You Need Is Love: Songs To Make You Swoon

February 14th. The one date in the calendar, which for the past couple of years, has not failed to provoke sickening social-media posts between couples and then accompanying moans from the single community. It is more than likely that you belong to one of three groups of people: The loved up The disgruntled The indifferent. Whilst you try […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Mario Cuomo (The Orwells)

Dropping out of school to pursue a career in music has certainly paid off for Mario Cuomo, frontman of The Orwells. The bands success and ever-growing fanbase highlight that you can make it if you’ve the passion and talent. Having witnessed the show and a half the frontman puts on first hand, it’s interesting to see just […]Read More

TV Review: S4E03 // Girls

The third episode of Lena Dunham’s Girls sees the fourth season truly get underway. We get the life updates on Hannah’s friends back in NYC that were absent last episode and the catalyst for the episode is brutal honesty, which makes for some interesting plot developments. From Hannah’s astronomically awkward character assassination of her classmates […]Read More

Marvellous Mash-Ups

Mash-ups are great. You get to hear two songs for the price of one – what’s not to like about that? Seamlessly blended songs by the same artist, different artists, even from different genres showcases a level of mixing expertise that we’re more than a little bit jealous of. The Indiependent team have picked out […]Read More

Your Ultimate Guide: The Brit Awards 2015

The biggest night in UK music takes place on  Wednesday 25th February. That night is the Brit Awards 2015. Here at the Indiependent we’ve put a little guide to some of the nominees, refreshing your memory regarding just how much these acts have achieved over the course of 2014. British Breakthrough Act Chvrches – CHVRCHES haven’t just […]Read More

TV Review: S4E02 // Girls

The second episode in season four of Lena Dunham’s Girls follows Hannah’s attempts to settle in and make friends upon her arrival at Iowa. Whilst this episode is certainly more captivating than the series’ debut was, the “me me me” theme is unavoidable given the lack of focus on the lives of Hannah’s friends back […]Read More

Live Review: Parka // Plug, Sheffield, 16.01.15

Every now and again a band comes along and changes the status quo. People aren’t just fans of bands like this. They worship the members like a new form of religion. Such bands draw fans to venues in their thousands. These bands become household names and first presses of their records go on to sell […]Read More

TV Review: S4E01 // Girls

As Lena Dunham’s Girls returns to our screens for a fourth season, the viewer is left with a definite sense of disappointment after the first episode. Instead of the funny, relatable twenty minutes that viewers are used to, Hannah’s departure to Iowa was dragged out for the duration. “The plan is there is no plan. […]Read More

EP Review: Buskin 4 Diamonds // Jason Allan

The last decade has seen a whole host of talented singer-songwriters burst onto the music charts worldwide; Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran are just two of these established and popular musicians. Jason Allan is from the same mould and could easily join the ranks of these phenomenally successful artists with his debut EP: Buskin 4 […]Read More