EP Review: Ego Trip // Parka

Parka’s Ego Trip EP is a worthy investment indeed. From the opening second of the anthemic ‘Friend’, you know this band is going to knock your socks off. The racing melody is perfect for their live set-up; the band injects inordinate amounts of energy into their performances. It’s refreshing that on record the tracks are […]Read More

The Best Live Acts of 2014

For us music lovers here at The Indiependent, we live for musical moments: nothing can beat the wave of euphoria that washes over us as we sing along to our favourite songs; whether we’ve gone lone ranger to a gig or we’re sharing that blissful moment with friends or a loved one. In this feature our team […]Read More

Single Review: Remember // Lindsay Mac

Lindsay Mac’s single ‘Remember’ is the perfect melody for that difficult walk to work in the morning; when it’s cold, dark and downright miserable outside, this poptastic anthem will be sure to put a spring in your step. No doubt this liveliness is a result of Mac’s inspiration; rehabilitating herself after a back injury, the […]Read More

Song of the Week (15th December): Rolling Around // Solanas’

This week’s Song of the Week is hot off the press: ‘Rolling Around’ is the new single from Sheffield based four piece Solanas’ Sons which is out today (15th December). The track is an intense experience from start to finish. This intensity works well with their namesake; the four lads have named the band after the […]Read More

My Life In Books: Beth Kirkbride

I have always loved the escape that a good book provides; whether it’s winter time and you’re curled in your favourite armchair with a hot drink, or you’re lounging on a deckchair by a pool somewhere exotic. The great thing about reading as a hobby is that it is untrammelled by the seasons, the time […]Read More

Those Who Can’t, Shan’t: How To Combat a Flawed Education

The British Education system is broken. Bringing back grammar schools would see further endorsement of exam-orientated achievement, which so many individuals are not suited to. We need a new solution that addresses the needs of the individual pupil. Alongside developing such a system, we need to improve the quality of teaching in the UK if […]Read More

Single Review: Hot Coffee // Trash

‘Hot Coffee’ by TRASH is steaming hot; the band sounds tighter and more professional than ever. The resonant melody is a heady fusion of Martin and Longmore’s chords; Barton’s velvety bassline, all of which is stirred to perfection by Weston’s slick, clean drumbeat. Much like your morning caffeine hit, this is a song that will […]Read More

The Indiependent Music Awards 2014

This time of year is perfect for pensive reflection. In the last twelve months, we’ve seen a host of phenomenally talented artists firmly establish themselves as here for the long haul – including FKA Twigs, George Ezra and Jaws. Other familiar faces came back with a bang: we greeted Foo Fighters and Kasabian‘s recent records […]Read More

Live Review: Parka // Leadmill, Sheffield 07.12.14

Anybody who has come down to the Leadmill this evening for the launch of Parka’ Ego Trip EP is lucky enough to get not one, not two, but five bands for their money’s worth. Tonight showcases just some of the talented artists who make up the DIY music scene in Yorkshire at the moment: Under […]Read More

EP Review: ‘Neath The Moon // Loor a Los Heroes

‘Neath The Moon is the latest release from Loor a Los Heroes, a delightful jangly entity that’s bound to get your head bopping – embarrassingly, as I found – if you listen to it in public. ‘Lucy’ is a carefully controlled little number with a dominating vocal that compliments the percussion perfectly. When we reviewed […]Read More

What High School Movies Teach Us

Secondary school (or as our friends across the pond call it ‘High School’) can be really tough. Our teenage years are supposed to be the best years of our lives – but not everyone sails through on a tidal wave of popularity. Exploiting our differences as human beings and depicting an often cruel environment in […]Read More

Live Review: Orwells // Leadmill, Sheffield, 22.11.14

Mario Cuomo is mere inches from my face and we’re both screaming the lyrics to ‘Mallrats (La La La)’: “La La La La La La La La” (don’t worry I know it’s tricky, but after a few listens you should be able to pick it up). There are two security guards sweating profusely as they […]Read More

Film Review: What If

When I heard that Daniel Radcliffe would be starring in a rom com alongside Zoe Kazan, I was intrigued. Having already witnessed one of my childhood idols – Emma Watson – break out of the Hermione Granger routine in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, it would be interesting to see if Radcliffe could leave […]Read More