Theatre Review: Pareidolia // Off The Page Theatre

During the COVID-19 epidemic, existential-crisis is something that many of us have faced head-on as lockdown means we are encased within the way-too familiar four walls of our rooms. As the ‘new normal’ has led to a physical and often mental disconnection from many of our closest peers, we have been left in a period […]Read More

Track Review: Enough Is Never Enough // The Clockworks

Anecdotes of the simultaneously idiosyncratic and mundane characters of everyday life pervade the narrative of the latest single ‘Enough is Never Enough’ from Galway band The Clockworks. With Joycean vigour, outsider observations of the bigoted cafe owner through to the buskers in reverie are unified by their existence within a corrupt and unjust society. All […]Read More

‘Leap Of Faith’ – An Artistic And Moral Inquiry Into

A film like The Exorcist needs little introduction. As one of the most notorious films in cinematic history, the expectancy set that precipitates The Exorcist has instilled its place in popular culture. Alexander O’Philippe—known for his documentary essays on classic films such as Psycho—in his sixth feature Leap Of Faith handles an intimate viewing of […]Read More